Below are some very general guidelines on the basics: food, beverage, equipment rentals and staff. These items generally appear on our proposals and contracts as separate line items. 

We have expressed these costs on a per person (i.e. per guest) basis since that is useful when estimating your total costs. 

Light Hors d’oeuvre only (butler service)     $24.00 to 29.00 per person
Cocktail Reception Foods Stations & Hors d’oeuvre     $30.00 to 65.00 per person
Seated Dinner Menus (buffet or served)     $45.00 to 70.00 per person
Wedding Cake     $ 6.00 to 12.00 per person
Open Bar    for a standard three to four hour party depending upon bar brands as indicated. Specialty drinks or Champagne can add to this cost if required.    $22.00 to 29.00 per person
Dinner Wines    are generally billed based upon number of bottles actually opened. These can vary widely in price depending upon your choice of wines. It could be considerably more than the indicated range if you choose very distinguished wines. You do not have to include the cost for dinner wines at a cocktail reception since wine is provided as part of a full bar.
   $18.00 to $25.00 per person

There is usually a lot of equipment needed to produce a party. Things like tables, chairs, linens, silver service, glasses, table settings, kitchen support equipment and so forth are frequently needed. Costs depend upon the exact selection and style of rentals. We have given you an estimated range.    $30.00 to $60.00 per person
Bartenders, waiters, culinary staff are billed based upon how many are needed and how long they work. Typically, if you take the total staff charges and divide by the number of guests, it is in a range of $25-$35 dollars per guest for service staff. These costs are determined in part by the style of the party, how much staff is required and length of the party.     $25.00 to 65.00 per person

These prices are provided to give you a place to start. They are merely estimates and actual costs will be determined by your final event plan and contract. 

Other potential costs, which you may want to consider include: 

Venue Rental 
Flowers Decoration 

We will give you professional, thoughtful advice about how to achieve your entertaining objectives and make the most efficient use of your financial resources. Part of the process involves you deciding which elements of your party are the most important to YOU. We can then focus the budget in that direction.

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