Please contact us by telephone or email to determine if the date you wish is available— the earlier in the process the better. If possible have a couple of suitable alternate dates in mind. If the date is available and you wish to use our services we will enter your event on our calendar. If you wish to rent a specific venue or it is on a day when we might need to close our calendar to accommodate your event, we generally send you a request for your signature on a letter of guarantee and request a preliminary, non-refundable deposit while the planning process moves forward. This letter of guarantee and deposit assures you the date on our calendar. On less heavily booked days, we are happy to tentatively hold the date but will not consider it a firm booking absent an executed letter of guarantee or a signed contract with a deposit. 

We will then discuss your particular wishes. Our website has very helpful information for you as background for this discussion. 

Once we have determined that you have a serious interest in using our firm and that in general we can accommodate your budget, we will be happy to send you a written proposal for your review. Typically we do this by email or fax. We will then fine-tune this proposal with you to be sure everything you wish is included and the estimated costs are expressed. Once you have approved the proposal we will send you a final contract for your signature with a deposit request. This contract must be returned to our offices with your deposit prior to your event. 

About one week prior to your party we ask that you submit your final guest count or ‘guaranteed number of guests’. At this time we typically request a final deposit equaling at least 95% of the aggregate anticipated charges. We will use your ‘final guaranteed number of guests’ or the ‘actual count of guests attending’ to render your final invoice after the party. 

A final invoice will be issued following the party. Final payment in full is required within ten days of receipt of this invoice. 

We accept checks, cash or wire transfer of banking funds in consideration for our services. We are unable to accept credit cards. 

You will love how easy our business-like approach makes giving a party. It will save you worry and money. You will have everything in writing for your reference and know what to expect. At Jackson and Company we deliver on our promises.

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