Nordstrom Opening 
Published in: Houston Chronicle
By: Shelby Hodge

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It was standing room only in the fabled Nordstrom shoe department Wednesday night.  In fact, the entire 217,000-square-foot store was crawling with more than 2,200 eager shoppers and hardy partyers.

Those occupying the banquettes and chairs in the vast shoe salon divided their attention between the strappy sandals and the buffet food, which they stacked high on their dinner plates.  A bit of tabbouleh here, a little Ferragamo there.

What they encountered was a rollicking party scene with the David Caceres Jazz group on one Rotel & the Hot Tomatoes, which inspired late-night rock 'n' roll on two, and Mango Punch, which filled the third floor with seductive salsa rhythms.

On every floor, guests were treated to the culinary talents of Jackson and Company.  By night's end the huge party throng had worked its way through most of the 28,000 shrimp, 4,800 pieces of sushi, 600 pounds of beef tenderloin, 4,000 stuffed avocados and loads of other taste treats.